ECONOMY is the first chapter of Walden by Henry David Thoreau projected onto a wall or screen, one word at a time, each word fading into the next. The text is stored on computer and the work has a total running time of 37 hours and 53 minutes.
The EVERYONE PROJECTIONS attempt to show the name of each person an individual met in their lifetime. Each name fades slowly up from black, pauses for a moment, and fades down to black. The text is stored on computer and projected in a lit room.
The CARDS are a series of unlimited editions, free to take away from plastic holders. They show quotations from the writings of other artists.
The STUDIO PAINTINGS show the address at which an artist or writer worked.
They are an ongoing series, begun in 1995.
The POSTERS show texts taken from the writings of other artists. The Hans Christian Andersen posters refer to his fear of being buried alive, a fear that meant he left a note by his bedside that said 'I only appear to be dead'.
The STATEMENT PAINTINGS show texts taken from the writings of other artists.
The ISLAND PAINTINGS show the names of fictional islands. Despair is the name Robinson Crusoe gave to the island on which he was shipwrecked.
The four panels of MONT SAINTE-VICTOIRE list all the titles given to Cézanne's paintings of the mountain.
SOL SANS is a typeface based on Sol LeWitt's handwritten sentences on conceptual art.
IDEAS is a postcard produced with Peter Foolen Editions, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
COUPLES is a work in progress, based on John Updike's 1968 novel.
The BUSINESS CARDS are a letterpress transimile of Yves Klein’s business card circa 1955 in an unlimited edition.
PROVERBS OF HELL by William Blake typeset in Sol Sans.
THE SUN IS BUT A MORNING STAR - two prints derived from the title page of Walden by Henry David Thoreau.
A newly edited, illustrated & appended edition of Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish's book published in 2012 by Open Editions, London and Stanley Picker Gallery (Kingston University).
HD video showing identical twins Helen & Kathryn Cartwright performing the Ju-no-Kata (as described by Yves Klein in his book Les Fondements du Judo). Commissioned by Stanley Picker Gallery (Kingston University).
An instruction manual, video and group of paintings that describe a technique for disappearing from view derived from the literature of Rosicrucianism, theosophy and esoteric yoga.
BECOMING INVISIBLE (ISBN 978-0-956173-89-8)
A guide & visual primer that describes how, potentially, anyone can achieve the goal of becoming invisible.
Published in 2014 by The Everyday Press, London.

A group of lightboxes that show students performing the exercises described in the book Mazdaznan Health & Breath Culture by Dr. Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish.